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If you would like to commission a piece or collection, please contact me directly.


Below is my price list. I've included photos for general guidlines on items, however, each one is handthrown on my wheel and glazed with homemade local natural materials so the outcome will vary slightly. For more info on glazes, please see About the Glazes and the Glaze Photo Gallery and the Glaze List.

I am happy to throw custom orders. In the past I've made ash trays for Beer Gardens, hand-cut filigree bowls, jugs/bowls/mugs of a particular size or shape, custom orders for local businesses... and more. If you have an idea, I'd love to hear it! Please do get in touch.


Thank you!

*Prices do NOT include packaging and postage costs, as these are customised for each order.


Wax Burner

I make my wax burners with plants that reflect the season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Pictured is a Japanese Acer wax burner, which I make in the autumn. In the winter months, I've used hemlock with pine cones, holly and ivy. I'll be making spring and summer additions too! I'm also open to trying to create a special design that you may have in mind. To see more photos please visit my instagram or facebook page.


Sheep's Wool Mug

I incorporate Swaledale sheep wool into these unique mugs! Swaledale and Dalesbred sheep are iconic in the Yorkshire Dales, and I love being able to reflect their place here in some of my pottery. The texture of the wool is preserved in the clay. The mugs are glazed using combinations of Iron Ochre Cream and Greywacke Gritstone.


Flower Printed Mugs

Standard mugs imprinted with Lapsana comunis, or commonly called Nipple Wort, flower pods. They are a beautiful, delicate and yet hardy plant... and make exquisite impressions in the clay. The flower detail is glazed with Greywacke Gritstone to make it POP, whilst the body is glazed in Iron Ochre Cream or Iron Ochre Blue (Iron Ochre Cream in photo shown).


Children's Ducks Dinner Set

Plate, bowl and mug (or any combination), stamped with my handmade duck stamp and glazed with Greywacke Gritstone (the ducks) and Iron Ochre Cream or Iron Ochre Blue (Cream shown in photo).


Latte Mug

For those who enjoy their lattes... or making latte art, this mug is the perfect shape to enjoy your favourite hot drink. Mug pictured glazed in Iron Ochre, Greywacke Gritstone and Nettle Ash.


Personalised Standard Mug

Make your gift more personal with a message for the one you love!


Full Dinner Set

A dinner set is as individual and unique as the person commissioning it. Please get in touch with your ideas! The dinner set pictured is glazed with Iron Ochre Blue with Greywacke Gritstone detail and fired in reduction.

Price to be determined

Espresso Mug

For those who like their morning coffee STRONG...or in pocket-size mugs. The espresso mugs are able to fit under most home espresso machines (tried and tested). I'm happy to customise the handles... Are you a one-finger or two-finger drinker? Mug pictured glazed in Greywacke Gritstone and Iron Ochre Cream.


Milk Jug

Spouts and handles are hand-pulled. Jug in photo a buff stoneware clay glazed with Iron Ochre Blue/Cream with Greywacke Gritstone detail, and fired in reduction. 


Berry Bowl

A stylish way to keep your berries! Rinse, and eat! Feet imprinted with my swaledale stamp. Sizes vary. Bowl shown glazed with Iron Ochre Blue and fired in reduction.



Dinner plates, luncheon plates and dessert/salad plates. I make all sets to order. The set of 3 shown is glazed with Greywacke Gritstone.

Dinner £18; Luncheon £14; Dessert/Salad £10

Diddy Mug

Personalised children's mug with two handles. (Diddy mug in photo glazed with Whernside Iron Ochre, Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone and Nettle Ash.)


Knitting Bowl

Knit and crochet in style! Room for 2 balls of yarn. (Bowl shown is made with a dark clay and glazed with iron ochre blue, and inspired by the Greater Knapweed plant.)


Standard Mug

Handles are hand-pulled. (Mugs in photo glazed with Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone, Common Hogweed Ash and Whernside Iron Ochre.)



Small: two generous cups of tea. Medium: four cups of tea. Large: 6 cups of tea. (Teapots in photo glazed with Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone.)

small £38; medium £44; large £50

Sugar Bowl

Hand thrown bowl and lid; lid thrown in one piece. (Bowl in photo glazed with Whernside Iron Ochre, Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone and Nettle Ash.)


Tiddler Pot

These are quite versatile little pots... a small bouquet, a dram of whiskey, a child's cup... (Tiddler Pot in photo glazed with Whernside Iron Ochre, Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone and Nettle.)


Soup Bowl

Order just one or a set. (Bowls in photo glazed with Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone, Wild Angelica Ash and Whernside Iron Ochre.)

£16 per bowl.

Serving Bowls

I make the serving bowls in various shapes and sizes... wide and low, tall and deep... If you have a preference, please do let me know! (Bowl in photo glazed with Whernside Iron Ochre, Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone and Nettle Ash.)

small £20; medium £30; large £40

Water Jug

Hand-pulled handle and spout. (Jug in photo glazed with Iron Ochre Cream and Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone detail.)


Water Beaker

Beakers bear the rings where my fingers pulled up the clay. (Beakers in photo glazed with Greywacke Gritstone, Wood Ash and Dock Ash.)

£8 per beaker.

Garden Ash Tray

These beehive-type ash trays were inspired by friends who run a pub. They were looking for ash trays that protect the ash from being blown about by the wind! Creative and practical, the ash trays come in 2 parts (the base and the beehive) and are safe to put through restaurant/pub dishwashers. (Ash trays in photo glazed with Ribblesdale Greywacke Gritstone.)



Vases can be made to order: small, medium, large. (Vase glazed in Iron Ochre Cream.)

small £9; medium £14; large £20

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** Please see the gallery photos for a more detailed look at the pieces.

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