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Below is my list of Yorkshire Dales glazes. Please get in touch if you would like to place a special order with your *favourite glaze.

*The glazes listed below are practised and fairly consistent, however, as the mineral composition of plants varies slightly from location to location, there are inevitably variations in the finished glaze and each batch is therefore unique. I want you to be completely happy with your order, so if the outcome is not as you hoped, I will do everything I can to ensure complete pottery satisfaction!


**All glazes are food-safe unless otherwise stated.


Iron Ochre Cream on Dark Clay

The effect of this glaze on a darker clay produces a warm, sandy speckled look.

Iron Ochre Blue on Dark Clay

The effect of this glaze on a darker clay (when fired in Reduction) is rich, speckled and with lots of variation even on one pot! The 'blue' disappears.

Nettle Cream

Nettle Cream is a mixture of nettle ashes and a homemade base glaze. It is fired in Reduction. The finish is a pale cool sagey green, which looks particularly fresh on the white stoneware. It appears darker on the medium and darker clays that I use.

Iron Ochre Blue

Iron Ochre Blue is the same glaze as the Cream, simple fired IN REDUCTION. The finish typically comes out a very pale grey blue hue, at times leaning towards the cream.

Iron Ochre Cream with Gritstone Contrast

The dark rich gritstone is a stunning match with the warm and subtle iron ochre cream. Flower detail is made by pressing Lapsana communis flower pods into the unfired clay. When placing an order, please be sure to specify whether you would like you pots with the pressed flowers or without.

Gritstone, Wood, Dock

This glaze is applied in layers, and the thickness or thinness of the layers makes quite a difference in the outcome of the glaze! Ribblesdale greywacke gritstone is applied first, followed by wood ash and dock ash.

Iron Ochre, Nettle and Gritstone

This glaze is applied in layers. Whernside iron ochre is applied first, followed by nettle ash and Ribblesdale greywacke gritstone.

Iron Ochre Cream

This glaze is made from adding Whernside Iron Ochre to a base glaze, resulting in a calming cream colour with slightly darker "ripples" where the iron ochre has pooled more thickly.

Gritstone, Common Hogweed and Iron Ochre

This glaze is applied in layers. Ribblesdale greywacke gritstone, common hogweed ash (mostly collected near Clapham and Kingsdale)  and Whernside iron ochre.


This glaze is pure greywacke gritstone from our local Dry Rigg Quarry. The finish is rich and dark, and slightly metallic in places.

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