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In making my pots I use stoneware, white (porcelain-like) stoneware and porcelain. I also like experimenting with darker clays! The glazes that I use look a bit different on each one of the clays - more 'earthy' and speckled on darker stoneware, more 'clean' on white stoneware/porcelain.


Once dry, the pots are bisque-fired to about 1000 C. They are then glazed and fired again to 1250-1300 C. During this second firing, the clays 'mature' with the glaze, melding together inseparably. This makes for very strong pots - the glaze will not chip off from the clay - you'd have to break the whole pot to see where they fuse! This durability allows the pots to be put in the microwave, dishwasher and oven.

I have an electric kiln and a gas-fired kiln. Using the same glazes, the outcomes look very different depending on the kiln and firing process (oxidation or reduction).

If you don't see something that you like, I am very happy to a custom order for something a bit more personal. Do get in touch!



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